Republican tax plan – Bad for National City

As one of the most bizarre years in American Politics comes to an end, I am both dumbfounded and saddened from the assault that Republican lawmakers are proposing on the working poor in our country.

The Republican Senate and House tax plans call for unprecedented tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans and Corporations. Their proposals will:

  • Permanently lower the corporate tax rate from 35% to 20%
  • Those earning $5 million or more will get an extra $200,000 tax break
  • Repeal the individual health insurance mandate, removing 13 million people from health care plans
  • Eliminate the “Estate tax” – a tax for the transfer of properties over $5.5 million dollars from parents to children
  • Add more than $1 TRILLION in debt over next decade

These are just some of the most egregious things on the bill.

I’m a candidate for National City Council and I often hear that issues on the Federal or State levels are “out of our jurisdiction”. I believe, however, that all politics are local. The effects from drastic tax cuts for wealthy individuals and corporations will result in over $1 trillion in debt. The only way to balance the budget thereafter will be to make cuts to our most needed social programs like medical, social security, HUD, etc. The truth is that federal tax rates will directly effect our lives here in National City.

We have senior citizens currently living at Morgan tower, Kimball tower, and Paradise Village that rely on medical, social security, and section 8 housing vouchers to survive. Cuts towards these safety nets will greatly affect their lives. And those of us who are further from retirement are skeptical that Social Security, Medical, and other social programs will survive for our “golden years”.

All the while, those that will greatly benefit from these proposals are companies operating and selling products in our own city! Walmart, Microsoft, Apple, GM, Ford, are amongst some the largest benefactors from the proposed tax plan. If these companies see large tax breaks, I propose they invest in our community more by investing in their own workers. These multi-billion dollar companies should pay their employees a living wage to operate in our city–$20/hour.

I know this is ambitious and something to think through; but if these employers receive millions of dollars in tax breaks, there will not be more store openings or more jobs created in National City. We have to level the playing field for residents, and we deserve a living wage.

If we work collectively, we can see a wage increase in National City soon! And amidst the national chaos surrounding the Republican tax plan, we have the responsibility to fight for our right to live the American Dream here, in National City.