National City Term Limits

Some of you may know by now that there are currently two signature gathering campaigns in National City for two different propositions that would implement term limits for elected officials.

Mayor Morrisons’ proposal would repeal and replace “Proposition T” – the 70% voter approved law in 2004 that Mayor Morrison himself supported. It created Mayoral term limits (3 terms; or 12 consecutive years). The proposal would place limits on every elected position in National City to 2 terms – 8 years.

The “Citizens for real term limits” proposal would place 3 term limits for every elected position, or 12 consecutive years, and place a “lifetime ban” on elected officials that serve 6 total terms. Additionally, this proposal would preserve the voter approved “Proposition T” and leave the Mayoral terms limits at 3 – 12 years total.

Term limits are widely supported and good for democracy. They prevent concentration of political power and allow flexibility in our institutions to address a broadening scope of issues as our society progresses.

With that said, I wholeheartedly support the “Citizens for real term limits” proposal. This proposal would place limits on every position and create a “lifetime ban” on career politicians in National City.

Additionally, after serving on Council and Mayor since 1992, Mayor Morrison is termed out of the Mayoral office next year. But he wants to hold a special election in June 2018 in hopes that his proposal will pass. If passed, the repeal of “Proposition T” would allow Mayor Morrison to run for Mayor again. I respect any public servant, especially one that has served nearly three decades, but I disagree with changing the rules so that one person will benefit. This act by our Mayor is a political maneuver that more closely resembles a dictatorship than American Democracy.

But it isn’t set in stone. A handful of elected officials, community activists, unions, and nonprofits are gathering signatures for the “real term limits” proposal. I am asking for National City residents and volunteers to help gather signatures starting this Saturday, December 16th, 9am at the Olivewood Clubhouse.

At an unprecedented time in American History, there is no room for complacency or silence when there is so much at stake. Democracy is a strong, yet delicate system that functions only when opposition is vocal, swift, and morally guided. Our Democratic ideals are at stake. Come walk with us and gather signatures!