Teachers Endorse Jose Rodriguez for National City, City Council


The American Federation of Teachers Local 1931 announced their support of Jose Rodriguez for National City, City Council!  “José has consistently stood up for working families. His priority is good jobs; whether they be for teachers, fast food workers, or construction workers. His exceptional values will make him a great public official” said Jim Mahler, President of the Teacher Union.

Jose believes that public education as the great equalizer in our society. Alongside his fellow students, he helped organize protests, marches, and rallies at San Diego City College and San Diego State University when budget cuts were being made to public education from 2009-2012. Their efforts, combined with students and Teachers throughout the state led to Proposition 30 in 2012 which allocated an additional $6 billion a year for Public Education in California. Jose currently supports Proposition 55, the extension of Proposition 30 to continue the statewide emphasis on public education.

Although the National City Council seat does not govern the school board, numerous studies conclude that student success and opportunity is directly correlated to socio-economic status. According to the Census Bureau, 25% of National City residents live in poverty and a high percentage of National City students qualify for free/reduced lunch.

This is why it is imperative that we increase wages within National City to help raise the economic status of families currently living in poverty. Progressive laws like this will directly effect our children’s opportunity to receive a quality education and become part of the middle class. Minimum wage increases have been passed in both San Diego and at the state level, and it’s time for National City to enjoy the same economic opportunities as our neighbors do.