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A little less than two years ago, the Taxi Drivers in our region were fighting for their rights in the workplace. The “Driven to Despair,” study conducted by Center on Policy Initiatives (CPI) proved the deplorable conditions of our regional Cab Drivers. Due to the monopoly on taxi permits, drivers rarely owned their own cars and instead paid monthly leases of $1,200 per month. Drivers were making on average $5 per hour and had to work a total of “70 hours per week to earn what a minimum wage worker makes in 40 hours.”

These conditions led the drivers to form the United Taxi Drivers of San Diego (UTWSD) and demand that they be recognized as independent contractors. This newly formed non-profit organization was able push local legislators to change the law so that our tax drivers could become small business owners.

On November 6th, 2014 a press conference was organized by UTWSD at the Petco Park parking lot. The cab owners counter protested and the event turned into a physical altercation. Jose took defense of a cab driver targeted by the owners and the scene was captured by Peggie Peattie from the Union Tribune. Later that month, the Taxi Drivers won their ability to become small business owners; a remarkable feat made by immigrant workers in this country who decided to stand up for their rights.


Hace un poco menos de dos anos, Taxistas en nuestra region estaban peleando por sus derechos laborales. El estudio “Driven to Despair” conducido por Center on Policy Initiatives comprobó las condiciones pésimas de Taxistas regionales. Gracias a el monopolio de permisos para taxis, los taxistas raramente eran duenos de sus coches y pagaban un promedio de $1,200 al mes. Taxistas ganaban un promedio de $5 por hora y tenían que trabajar “70 horas para hacer lo que un trabajador en sueldo mínimo hace en 40 horas.”

Estas Condiciones condujo a taxistas formar United Taxi Drivers de San Diego y demandar ser reconocidos como contratistas independientes. Esta nueva organizacion pudieron empujar a legisladores locales a cambiar las leyes para que nuestros taxistas pudieran ser propietarios de sus propia empresa.

En Noviembre 6, 2014 una conferencia de prensa fue organizada por los Taxistas en el estacionamiento de Petco Park. Los dueños del monopolio taxista protestaron y el evento se volvió físico. Jose tomo defensa de un taxista en blanco por los dueños y la escena fue capturada por Peggie Peattie del Union Tribune. Un mes después, los Taxistas ganaron su habilidad de ser dueños de empresa; una notable azaña hecho posible por inmigrantes a este país que decidieron demandar por sus derechos laborales.